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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Back to Earth from Poker Heaven

My first session after I'm back from Vegas. Well, it's somewhat difficult to go back to earth after you played in heaven.

My session lasted 13 hours (plus a three hour train trip in each direction). I was on the road for 21 hours. That was tough.
After 10 hours in the great seats of the Wynn I only felt tired. After 13 hours here (and the place isn't that bad) I felt like after an interkontinental flight from Germany to L.A. Those resizable and comfortable chairs at the Wynn may sound just like a nice gimmick. But if you play long sessions you really feel the difference - especially if you're a guy of my size.

Overall it doesn't run too well currently. I was up a little after 2 hours but didn't catch any good cards for about half of the night. Went down and recovered (but not completely) in the early morning. Nothing compared to the guy who accumulated 8 racks (each $100) in about 6 hours on 4/8. Not a really good player - but very very lucky. Caught a lot of quads, trips, full houses, straights, flushes against other high combinations (so he had big pots all the time).

So is there anything wrong with my play? I'm not sure. My numbers say that I'm well into one standard deviation. If I get good cards in a reasonable frequency I win and dominate tables. If I don't get them - I'm lost. I know this is supposed to happen ... but at this time I'm not sure if I just have a bad series or if I don't play enough hands. This night I saw some remarkable bad beats: Getting A,9o and folding it as there had been tree (!) raises in front of me. With three players I decided that the pot wasn't big enough to invest 3 more bets here (I was BB). The flop came A,9,3 :-((( This kind of weired things happend very often this night. I don't mind if I would have flopped quad 7's with a folded 7,2 (happend this night too) but it's really hard to see those A,9 things happen.
But well, I see what happens after you play this kind of game more loose. I saw big winning stacks shrinking very fast to zero. So I'm not that unhappy that I can usually handle sessions of this length with $300 or less but winning some in a row would be nicer. ;-))


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