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50k guaranteed, Kings Casino Rozvadov, Czech Republic

Sunday, May 01, 2005

First night's action

O.K., I'm finally here and got my first nice surprise: As I got my hotel stay comped due to my former BJ action I am staying at the Circus Circus for the first nights. I didn't excpect anything special, just hoped that it wasn't too horrible (I don't like Circus Circus - the casino).
But the hotel rooms in the West Tower are really nice. Nothing fancy but in good shape and very clean! I still don't like the casino(floor) and all those crying kids everywere. But from now on this place will be on my list if I'm searching for something cheap to stay in Vegas. And due to the Wynn this now became a good location ;-))

No tournament on the first night. Unfortunatly the Sahara tournament started at 7pm not 11pm. So I went directly to the Wynn...

...and this place is georgous! You have to see it!
It's like Bellagio and at the same time it's totally different. It's like Mirage but totaly different. You go through the casino and the hallways and feel at home if you know (and like) the former two but you realise that this is something special.
All that hype just for another casino? No, it's not just a casino - it's what he wanted to call it first: "Le Reve" (a dream).
The place was rocking on Saturday night and I expect it to be much nicer if the masses aren't there anymore in a few weeks. But all this has a price tag ... the restaurants - including the 24h coffee shop - are top priced (e.g. $12 for an omlette).
I like the mix of warm (red) colors and white sections (with a lot of marble). But I think the atmosphere of the buffet (which is in a white section) feels a little bit to "cold".

After strolling around a little I went back to the poker room - which was the first I saw in this place as it is directly at the entrance of the parking garage (very conveniently). And if you won big you may step into the Ferrari dealership next door ;-))

After a short 15 Minutes wait I got a seat at a 4/8 Hold'em game. Very mixed people. Some awful players but also some very decent. At my table played a Mirage day-shift manager with her boyfriend. Strange couple, she was a nice and decent player (but a little bit too chatty sometimes) and he was definitly drunk and a horrible poker player. His action slowed down the table - fortunatly they left sometime later (unfortunatly not before he manged to spill some of his Heinecken over the table).
BTW: dirty language is not allowed. The guy got a warning from the dealer that he must not use words like f* etc. or he has to leave the table. This hs Wynn house policy!

I saw Mason Malmuth from 2+2 but wasn't able to talk to him. Too bad David Negreanu wasn't there - I wish to meet him one day...

For the first four hours I didn't get any good cards at all. And those marginal playable hands got cracked very often. So I was down about $250 at one point. Then it started to get better. I saw my first QQ, AA, TT and things like that.
Unfortunatly my AA was cracked by a horrible flop: T,J,Q - and of course no other ace showed up and somebody held K,A :-((
After about 6 hours of play the table started to break. As it was 4am in the morning I called it a night - down $155.

They comp $1 per hour - with no daily cap!

In general: this room is great. As some stated before it is a little cramped (about 5 tables less would have been nice - spacewise) but the room is very stylish.
One downside on this night: After the shiftchange the cocktail waitress service was plain horrible. It took me three orders and 1 hour to get a simple coffee! Hope this gets better in the future!

So I went back to the hotel for a short 6 hour sleep.

Today I will try to sign up for the 2pm Tornament at the Binions. Not only because it is a tournament - but you have to have played at least one time at the place of the WSOP.


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