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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Almost there (short stop in L.A.)

As you can see from my counter I am now on my way to Vegas.
Had a Non-Stop-Flight to Los Angeles with "Eskimo Airlines". Actually it was Lufthansa but the air inside was freezing. Well, 12 hours in that plane should be a good preparation for the casinos freezing air condition ;-))

While I'm writing this I'm sitting at Gate 5 of Southwest waiting for my connection to Las Vegas. If they are on time (usually they aren't) I should be in Vegas shortly after 6pm PST (3am MEZ).
After picking up my rental car and checking into my hotel I will try to sign-up for the 11pm Poker tournament at the Sahara and of course make a short visit to the Wynn (I can't wait to see it).


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