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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

More bad beats and a nice meeting

Nothing special at the Aladdin tournament. At least not for me :-(
But it's a nice tournament and I play it again the next day. The poker room is nice too - but has tough competition with MGM and Wynn in the future.

After the tournament I went to the MGM again for a 4 hour session with several bad beats. Worst came at the last hand - making a flush with AKs that got beaten by a Full House on the River.

Back to the Aladdin for a meeting with one of the posters in Shadow's german forum (let's call him John Doe as I respect his wish for privacy). We went to the spice market buffet and had some nice conversation about poker and BJ. He's a real nice guy and we had a lot of fun. So we decided to go over to the Orleans for the 7pm tournament.
Wow - that is a big one. $45 Buy-in with unlimited re-buy for the first hour ($20). A total of 213 players made a price pool of over $17.000! (Paying more than $4.000 for first place down to $300 for 15th place).
Got some nice hands (and a big stake) to the break after the first hour. Decided to cool down after the break and play only premium hands. Guess - I got QQ a little later. Raised it - everyone folded and the button went all-in. As I had covered her but had to invest a decent amount of my stake (about 2/3) I thought about it but finally decided that you have to call this with 3rd best hand pre-flop. Unfortunatly I ran into the best hand - AA that improved to a set on the turn.
I never really recoverd form that bad beat. After the blinds went up fast I had to go all-in about half an hour later with AKs. Was a good spot as I got about five callers (3 of them all-in). A decent pot that provided a great position for the winner. Unfortunatly it wasn't me as my AK never improved and I was beaten by a set of 10's.
While I started to play the 4/8 game John Doe was still in the tournament and ended up in the money.

The 4/8 game at the Orleans is somewhat strange - the have 1/2 blinds and a half kill. I don't really like it. More worse: The poker room is big but really loud. Great tournament but not a nice place for cash games.

Going to bed - more to come tomorrow.


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