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Saturday, May 07, 2005

The last hours... :-((

No more Poker ... I decided for an easy going last day.

So here's my summary:
Time played: 46 hours 25 minutes (more than expected)
Game 4/8 Hold'em
Result: -84,62 BB (worse than expected, 45 of these are from the Commerce!)

Tournaments: 6 (less than planned) in 12 hours
Placed in the money: One time at 11th place
Average Buy-In: $69,16
Result: -4,12 Buy-Ins

I have to analyze these results when I'm back but my impression is that they are well into normal standard deviation. But of course I would have been happier if I went back with a win.

Missed opportunities:
Played in the same room with Daniel Negreanu twice but wasn't able to ask him for a chip signing as he was busy both time. (First was a photo shooting and the second time he was playing a 300/600 Mixed game with some friends).

If I go with the girlfriend next time I think I will take her to the Wynn. Poker room rate is $129 weekdays and $199 weekend. I have to see those rooms at least once!

Here are some photos (of course from the Wynn). Added 3 more in older blog entries below:

I have another three hours to kill before I have to head to the Airport. But I don't expect to get bored in L.A. ;-))

Have a good time and good cards (you need them - regardless how good you are).


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