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Thursday, May 05, 2005

I love those internet kids!

The original plan was to go to the Wynn on afternoon and change to the MGM by night. In reality I started the Wynn at 2pm and never left it before midnight. The time went so fast it was unreal. This table was fun. Not only by the people itself (we had some good laughs) but also from the winning perspective.
Now it was like it was supposed to be and I got some good cards from time to time. Pocket J's that made a set on the flop, Pocket Q's, some good AK's were you hit something etc. Even 5,2 (on the big blind) that made a full house on the flop. The table was full of those internet kids (sunglasses and iPod are so cool on a 4/8 game!) that went into calling stations whenever you bet a good hand. Later it got even better with an "action" player ("We have a live straddle"), that could be check raised an re-raised.

Most impressive pot was one I wasn't involved (had only crap): Seven of nine went to the flop (with raising each other to the cap), getting a flop like 7,5,9. Raising and reraising again on the turn and river (getting some higher cards there with still three or four players at the end). So you expect somthing like big pocket pairs? No way - the winning hands was a pair of nines...

Now that was ten hours of fun with a decent win. At the end the table dryed down somewhat. I was the only one left from the beginning - all other seats had changed at least once durning that time. So I called it a night and cashed my poker comps. Thanks to the "unlimited" $1 per hour on the card I accumulated a nice $26 amount that went back to the Wynn at their coffee shop. Nice place and good food.

Usually you get a good game in the late night and early morning hours but at the Wynn this seems to be the toughest time of the day (at least now). Lot's of "sharks" that wait to get some money from the drunk and tired tourists. Saw the same faces again from yesterday. Late afternoon and early night is much better here.

Now I'm off to my last session in Vegas. Flying to Los Angeles to check out to Commerce and the Bike.


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