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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Longest session so far

I'm really tired but I promised to write a daily entry if possible! Just came back from the Wynn and my longest session ever played. Started at 10:30pm and went until 6:15am the next morning. Wow, that was strange. How the type of players changes as the night is getting older and the day is dawning - amazing.
But a good place to practice. I realized that I started to play way too passive. I still get not much playable hands but I added some nice aggression to them - with surprisingly good results.
As I had another short (2h) session at the Wynn on afternoon I still stick to my opinion: the Wynn is the much nicer poker room. For me it's No. 1 before the MGM. Even with the cocktail waitresses that are still as confused as pretty.
The major downside: There's a lot of poker dealers from other casinos playing there. Not all of them are good players. But some are! So beware!

Earlier the day I played the Aladdin and the Orleans tournament again. Went better than the day before but still out of the money.
A short trip to PiYee-Press (bj21.com & ssb.com) completed my day. I picked up my copy of "Weighing the Odds in Hold'em Poker" (I wished I would have been able to read it before my trip) and met Chris Kelly (a really nice guy who is responsible for the bj21.com and ssb.com Websites).

Will go to bed now and hope a short nap is enough as I want to use as much as possible from the day that already had started.


Anonymous,  5:25 PM  

Thanks for your daily reports. They are very interesting and a worthwile read.
I am not quite sure why you always seem to value the "fanciness" of the poker rooms much higher than the clientele. What I mean is in case you find a bunch of fish you should be more than willing to play them - even if it is in a dump like EC. You are there to make money, right?

Good cards, Don

Shadow 9:24 PM  

You're right. I want to win money. But I want to have a good time too. For that reason I won't play a dump like the EC for 7 hours like the Wynn. I can't make enough money to give me enough value to that. But yes, I would play the MGM rather then the Wynn (just as an example) if there are more fish there. The thing is I have to feel comfortable at a place to make it worth playing but it hasn't to be the best place in town.

That's one of the things I like compared to BJ. Due to the decrease of game quality I was forced to play a lot places I don't like and stay away from those I like (especially in Vegas). Much more competition in poker available.

For this trip in general I like to play different player types. I ran into some people winning big by skill. Not the best poker players but they knew how to play people. And it's interesting to learn from them. Just playing fish wins you some money but doesn't polish your skills. And this trip is mainly for the skills rather then the money!

So I'm off to the MGM now (fishing) before I head back to the Wynn (learning) ;-))


PS: Thanks for your comments. Seems that at least some people are interested in my poker adventures. Have a good time!

Anonymous,  11:48 PM  

good luck shadow!

everdy day in the morning i am with you

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