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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I hardly can wait

Eight more days until our trips starts ... and I'm so excited.

WSOP kicks-off today and it looks like they are breaking records again. The "$500 Casino Employee No-Limit Event" was capped at 1,100 (compared to about 660 last year) and the first public event #2 ($1,500 NL) sold out monday morning at 2,288 available seats (208 tables x 11 players) and is now taking up to 500 alternates. Last year was sold out too and had 2,305 players (including 105 alternates).

As it will take some time until I can give you on-site reports I suggest to check this blog (and some nice pictures): Poker Prof's Blog.

And of course you shouldn't miss the reports and pictures from Jan and Katja!

Live coverage from cardplayer.com is great as long as you use Internet Explorer instead of Firefox.

And something special can be found here: Daniel Negreanu's Video Blog.
BTW, Daniel is currently heads-up with Mike Sexton in the Tournament of Champions for the 1 Million Dollar first prize (Last years winner Mike Matusow came in third).

Source: cardplayer.com

Remark at 2:24pm MEZ: Daniel and Mike are now playing heads-up for almost 6 hours ... and their chip stacks are almost even.

It's over! After almost 7 hours of heads-up play and a final table that lastet 16 hours Mike Sexton wins the $1,000,000 first prize. Both deserved to win but personally I'm happy for Mike. I think after co-hosting the WPT for such a long time lot's of people questioned his abillity of being a good poker player.

Now they can clean the TV-table for event #2 which starts in less than 6 hours. It will be interesting to see if Mike and Daniel will pass on this event... ;-))

And one last comment on the TOC winner: Mike Sexton announced that half of his win will be donated to a charity! Wow!


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