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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mistakes! Mistakes!

Haven't played good in the monthly poker-tester tournament. Well, I played good for most of the time (at least I could play the game the way I like to play) but I made two crucial mistakes that cost me big portions of my stack.

In both cases I knew I was behind but wasn't able to lay down my hand. It's that crucial mistake were an ace comes up or you know that you're behind with your Ax because you most probably have the worse kicker.
Two of those mistakes (even one) can ruin a good game and I can't complain that I only placed 17th of 33.

Agression is a fine thing and it definitely fits my style but there are times were you just have to lay down your hand even if you pushed it hard. The money invested in that pot is already gone ... but sometimes it helps to save for better times.


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