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Thursday, June 22, 2006

WSOP just days away

In a few days the WSOP kicks off and that's what thousands of people would love to bring back home:

Ask them what they would do if they have to choose between the money and the braclet - most would decide for the braclet. Not because it's so nice ... but even winning a single braclet (even in a preliminary event) and you still join a very exclusive club. And winning a braclet as a non-american will allow you to earn lots of money afterwards.

Congratulations to all the germans that already won their entry to one of the events. Especially 50outs will have have a great time for sure: Jan won his main-event entry just days ago and Katja will be sponsored by PokerStars for all televised events.

I'm still trying to get a cheap seat for one of the preliminaries. As you may remember I was so close on FullTilt :-( Looks like I have one more shot online (most probably this night or tomorrow night). If I don't make it I will try to qualify at the Rio. Still hope that event #17 won't be sold-out in advance. Otherwise I have to try event #18. But this will be harder as the buy-in is $2,000 instead of $1,000. Unfortunately event #17 is in fact televised (so I'm almost sure it will sell out).

Our vacation starts in 6 days and we will reach Vegas 3 days later (staying for a week). I will play lot's of tournaments beside the satellites (most probably Aladdin, Paris or MGM) but if you're there at the same time and like to meet - just let me know.

If you stay at home but like to get updates about the WSOP I suggest to look at cardplayer.com. They are the official media source and did a great job last year. Unfortunately they decided for a new website design just days ago and that new design is still buggy. I really hope they get it fixed. Otherwise you may look at pokerpages.com instead.


Fuel55 5:38 PM  

Look me up dude. I arrive July 21st. Staying at the RIO.

Shadow 6:53 PM  

Too bad, I will stay only for a week (July 8th to 14th) ... unless I win big and convince my girlfriend that we will make big money if we stay longer ;-))

But to be honest: As she doesn't like poker at all I have to thank her that she gives up one week of our holiday to make me happy!

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