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Friday, June 16, 2006

KK is only second best ... but AA isn't save, too

You have read my "KK is only second best" below?

O.K. - here is a follow up:
This time I was the guy with the aces. It was raised to me pre-flop 4xBB's from EP and I re-raised him (in LP if I remember it correctly) about 3 times his bet. He went all-in and I called immediatly (again I was short some chips against the other guy).

As expected he showed AK and I felt like a nice double up will come around that would get me well above average (and most probably into the money) ... but no! There was still the flop to come and it came K7K...what?!
Instead of doubling up, I was sent to the rail.

Do I have to complain? No!
This happens and I still know my "lessons learned" from BJ: There aren't bad beats there's just a nasty beast called "standard deviation" (with the nickname "bad beat" of course). I played it correctly and doing it over and over again I will win this situation far more often than I lose it...so get me AA vs. AK again ;-))


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