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50k guaranteed, Kings Casino Rozvadov, Czech Republic

Friday, June 30, 2006

Preparing for the WSOP

Preparation for the WSOP is running well. After falling short with the preliminary seat but getting more than $400 for second place a few days ago I now made another good result in the Pacific $10,000 guaranteed.

The tournament started with 623 players and I was able to build a nice stack quite fast. Unfortunatly the cards went cold quite soon and I barely made it into the money (almost short-stacked). After the bubble burst it went better again and I received several good hands in a row and was able to bust some smaller stacks. I was chipleader for some time but again the cards went ice cold. Being in the money with lot's of really short stacks around I decided not to gamble (with bad cards) and fell in hibernation ;-)

Unfortunately the cold deck stayed cold even after we reached the final table. Fortunately the big stacks made a good job and busted several people. I stole some blinds and took down some smaller pots but finally I was pot committed with 22. The chipleader called and made his straight with a 56o. Out on 6th place with $400 added to the bankroll.

Originally I had planned to play tonights qualification for a preliminary seat on UltimateBet once again (I missed my wake-up call the night before and therefore missed the tournament). But after 4 hours of great poker I decided to call it a night.


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