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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Placed 575th at PokerStars World Blogger Championship

Hell, 2247 players and I got the tightest table of the tournament. We almost had no showdowns and went with more or less of our original stacks (2,000) into the break. At this time the average was about 3,000 and the chipleader like 12,000 (if I remember it correctly).

It was fun to have fuel55 at my table. He has a nice blog and is also an active supporter of the WPA. We had some head-to-head which I mostly won (without a showdown) but later I lost a medium pot to him. So I think he got it all back ;-) He seems to be a real good player (and I was happy that he was to my right) but went out at 717th position. Think he had the same problem than me - not much to play with...

At my first all-in I was able to crack AA with KQ as the flop came KxQ.
My later all-ins were folded around until we reached the 25 ante (and 150/300 blinds). I got AJs and the player to my right went all-in. Usually I would fold here (especially against a big stack) ... but he was that type of guy who goes all-in with crap. And I was sure that he hadn't much here. I was right with him as he showed T4. Unfortunatly another one called all-in with AA and busted both of us.

I was sure that my short-stack (around 1,600 at that time) wouldn't allow me to sneak into the 50 winners but I would have hoped to make it past the 500 mark. But it was fun anyway and I have to thank PokerStars for making this event possible.


Fuel55 12:48 AM  

YEah it was pretty gross play at that table. That Heron was a total retard.

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