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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Poker and Business

I'm really surprised. I just added myself to openBC.com (which is a business network) and was amazed to see how many business people state that one of their interests is poker. Lot's of them even in leading positions. Nothing about the stigma of "gambling". It's a fashion sport similar to golf. I really like that!

And I like the quote from Lyle Berman that I found over there in the poker group:
"Poker is like business. You gather information, make decisions, and reap success or failure based on those decisions. The only difference is that in poker, you see your results right away, whereas in business, it may take you years to see the results."

And one more from Mike Sexton:
"Successful businesspeople are used to the decision-making process. They like to be tested mentally even during their entertainment time. In poker they need to be competitive, they have to want to achieve, and it´s all about being blessed with a desire to be the best."

So true...


thecortster 2:36 PM  

Great quotes, Shadow. And if I don't get to say it again, good luck in Vegas!

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