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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fast end in FTOPS IV (Event #6)

Originally I had planned to do some live blogging tonight but unfortunately the fun was over after 42 minutes. We had a total of 2,555 players creating a prizepool of $511,000. 306 places will be paid and first prize will be just over $100,000.

I took a big hit on a missed nut-flush draw (A2 of diamonds) vs. a calling station with 52 of clubs quite early. I raised it to 120 (20/40 blinds) and he called my bet from the BB. Board was J5K-J-6 with two diamonds on the flop. I bet 190 on the flop and 465 on the turn and got called. Maybe I shouldn't have checked the river ... but I doubt he would have folded here as he already called my raise pre-flop as well as my bets on the flop and the turn. A few hands later I survived an early all-in with QQ and was back to average.

About 5 minutes later I limp with T9s (hearts) in early position. UTG+1 raises to 100 (Blinds 25/50). Two more callers, I call too. Flop comes JQQ (two clubs). I bet about 2/3rd of the pot, two fold and the last one (not the original raiser) re-raises me to 2 times my bet. He has either a Q or a J ... no way he has QJ here. Turn is an 8 to make me my straight. Bet again and got re-raised. Went all-in with my remaing 700 chips. He shows Q9s. Another 8 on the river kicks me out after just 42 minutes on 2,114th position.

I know this was a dangerous play but still a valuable one. As I was able to define his hand I was sure to have at least 8 outs here. Way enough to call his re-raise on the flop. After the turn my opponent had 7 outs left. Not enough to call my bet or even re-raise. But it's hard to put an opponent on T9s in that situation. Usually you like disguised made hands. This time it would have been better for me if he realized my straight and folded to it.

Some more results: Annette_15 made it just a litle further at place 2,042 and Allan Cunningham was the best FullTilt pro at position 101. Huck Seed finished out of the money but still must have had an amazing comeback. He was down to about 500 chips the time I busted but still made it till place 1,224. Oh, and I almost missed the 10th place of "fidallio". You don't know who "fidallio" is? You better should ... as it is Joe Sebok, the son of Barry Greenstein.


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