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Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Perfect Evening

The Poker-Club in Salzburg recently changed his tournament schedule and I decided to take a shot on the new EUR 50.00 tournament (with either one rebuy or one add-on). They start with 4,000 chips and the rebuy gets you another 4,000 while waiting for the add-on gets you 2,000 more.

Didn't matter as I needed neither of them. I had a good start and never looked back. After the first 3 levels I had around 12,000 chips. So I was in good shape for at least 3 more levels. The add-on would have added only one more level of "good shape" ... and I decided that if I won't be able to increase my stack in the next three levels there was no reason I would do one level later.

And yes, it looked like I made the right choice as I pumped up my stack to 24,000. Went back to 18,000 (that was the time I wasn't sure anymore about my decline of the add-on). But shortly after I went to 30,000 and everything was fine.

I got decent cards and decent flops this evening. Two of the most remarkable incidents: Limping with A9 from late position (as the table paid most raises anyway I decided to make this a cheap hand). Flop comes a 973 (2 diamonds). I bet about 2/3 of the pot. All fold except for one caller. Turn is another 9 (no diamond). I check (being sure he can't resist) ... he goes all in ... of course I call in a second. His K7 is no good and I bust one player. The other one was AA. I raise and get two all-ins from short stacks. I'm up against AT and AK ... ship it!

With about 14 players of 35 left I told myself to stick to my good play and avoid FPS (Fancy Play Syndrome) like hell. It would have been a big dissapointment if I miss the money this time. I had some tough laydowns but made it to the final table 3rd in chips. The table draw was perfect as I had the other two chipleaders to my right. First hand at the final table I got AA. Another instant call and we were down to 9 players. Very soon it became clear that I was the one with the most experience in the "Endgame" and I took advantage of it. The chipleader showed that he lacks this knowledge as he made a horrible call with AJ against the all-in of the co-chipleader. I never ever would have called an all-in here with any hand except AA. He got punished as he lost his hand versus QQ and went out just two hands later on 7th position (and out of the money).

We made it to the money and somebody suggested a deal: Everybody gets EUR 300.00 and the remaining EUR 1,000.00 will be distributed 50%/30%/20%. I misunderstood that only the top three in chips will play for the EUR 1,000.00 (and I was 4th in chips at this time) so I declined. I later found out that we all would have played for the money but only top three would have been paid. Oh, well ... I busted the 5th place finisher and we made a new deal that secured each EUR 500.00. The chipleader busted the player on 4th place while I busted the player on 3rd place.

To be honest I would have loved to continue to play for the win. But as I already mixed up one deal I accepted his offer to split the remaining amount. With 130,000 chips each and blinds 4,000/8,000 this was o.k. (although I think I was the better player here). A nice EUR 602.00 payday (after tip) for a well played tournament.

Regarding deals: It's hard to decline a deal if you are the only one to do so. But if you don't like a deal - don't take it. It's a free choice. There was one railbird who started picking on me (even after I apologized to the players for the misunderstanding) for declining the deal. But the players showed good style and accepted my decision.


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