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Friday, May 18, 2007

Sometimes it's just unbelievable

Since my early exit from the FTOPS event last night I can't win anything. I busted in 6 tournaments in a row.

First Hand in one of these my set of 7's ist busted by a set of K's. Or even better my set doesn't improve to a Full House (like my opponent last night) but of course my opponent here makes his flush (calling my all in vs. all pot-odds).

And the worst of it: Playing a satellite for the FTOPS Main-Event. Close to the money and the seats I raise QJ on the button. BB calls. Flop comes J28. My opponent bets and I call (all-in). He shows QK and I'm ahead. Turn is a Q and I'm still ahead. River is a K ... I'm out.

Seems as if this is a good time for a short break. I will be in Poland during the weekend for a dance competition (Boogie Woogie). The competition will be in Chelm close to the borders of Ukraine and Belarus. After visiting my (personal) southern most point last year (Key West) I will now reach my estern most point. Until yet this had been the Åland-Islands (between Sweden and Finland). Well, they are still my northern most point for now. And for all who read this far ... the western most point was San Francisco.


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