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Thursday, May 31, 2007

A night to forget

I played no poker during the whitsun weekend as this is the time for our traditional dance camp in Landsberg, Lech and I'm part of the organising team for a few years now. It was the 20th anniversary and the camp was a big success. We had great teachers, much fun and of course some disasters (like delayed and canceled flights due to technical difficulties or the SAS strike). At the end we became a victim of the heavy rain that flooded some space (including our organizational office). But we managed to save most of the technical stuff and the participants could end their weekend without much interference. Overall it was one of the greatest dance camps we ever had ... like it should be for an anniversary. I took a day off from work on Tuesday as I had to recover from the weekend first.

So on Wednesday I went back to work and also decided to play poker again at the poker-club in Salzburg. Bad idea! On the way to Salzburg I got stopped by the police for no reason (just a random search by the highway police). Everything was o.k. and arrived in Salzburg later than expected but still on time. Todays tournament was the EUR 50 with one rebuy or add-on. Managed to survive the rebuy period with an average stack and took the add-on. After the rebuy period I was card dead for one level and played no hand at all.

Finally I got KK in MP and made a standard raise. The big blind called my raise and the flop came 457 rainbow. I bet half the pot and he raised. Uh? Two pair? Don't think so. A set? Maybe, but why raise it then? A pocket pair? Most probably. So I put him on something like 99 to QQ. I excluded AA as he didn't re-raise me pre-flop. As any face card on the turn or the river would give me a hard time to decide if he hit his set I decided to take the pot down right here and put him all-in. He called instantly and showed 68 (of course suited) for a flopped straight. Another 7 on the turn gave me some hope for a miracle full-house but the river was blank.

Left with just 10 big blinds I received QQ in the very next hand, went all-in and got called by AQ. He hit his Ace on the flop and I was out on 28th position (of 32) after just 90 minutes of play. On my way home I got almost hit by a truck who was approaching a roundabout way to fast. Really a night to forget...

But not everything was bad as this night was also the official start of IntelliPoker. They are still working on it and not everything is ready and perfect now. But you get a first look of what will coming soon. I will be part of the news team and I'm sure IntelliPoker will become a great site for poker players.


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