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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Two monster flops, two final tables but no cashes

Made two live final tables in two days but couldn't cash in either of them. The first one was the € 20.00 rebuy at the Poker-Club Salzburg. I was already short-stacked as we started the final table. But I got the worst of it as I had to post the big blind on the first hand. I was more or less forced to go all-in with T7 but ran into AK. I found another 7 but my opponent found an Ace. Out on 10th place of 36 players (5 got paid).

Today I tried another shot on the "Bavarian Players Club" qualification. After a slow start I got two monster flops: Limped with A4 of hearts from MP. Flop came all hearts. No full house or quads possible. I checked every street, my opponent bet every street and I called it. At the river I even check-raised him all-in and he paid with QQ. Double up to 10,000 chips. Somewhat later I limped again from EP (with 44). The SB made a standard raise and I called it. This was of course a hit-the-flop or fold hand. But I didn't expect to see two beautifull 4's. I flopped quads and they paid off again for another double up.

With 20,000 chips and an average of 6,000 I now was in very good shape. Unfortunately the poker gods decided that this was enough for one night. I had to fold some very good hands due to missed flops or heavy re-raises and shortly after went absolutely card dead. I played almost no hand till the final table. It was jinxed!

More worse I missed two opportunities to double up. The first was JT of hearts from early position. And the second T6 from the button. Both not really hands to bring to war with an all-in. If I only had known before that in both cases two Tens would show up on the flop...

So I went all-in and all-out on 8th position of 60 players after 3.5 hours (only first 3 got qualified).


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