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50k guaranteed, Kings Casino Rozvadov, Czech Republic

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Won my seat for Event #6 at FTOPS IV

I finally caught a seat for the FTOPS IV and will play Event #6 (the NL Hold'em 6-max). The $24+2 satellite I played was weired. 51 players showed up for 5 seats and 2 small cash wins. In the beginning those people played like if it was a turbo and I was able to triple up because of the worst play I've ever seen.

But the action slowed down as did my good run of cards. At the end I bounced between almost dead and the chiplead. The whole tournament lasted about 2 hours and 15 minutes and more than half an hour of this was the bubble play. But finally five of us made it and we will play tomorrow night at 9pm EST (3am CET) for a prizepool of at least $400,000. But I'm sure this will be topped again (as in all the other events before).

Some notable players in that Event: The WSOP 2006 "Wunderkind" Jeff Madsen (Host of the Event), Andy Bloch, Mike (The Mouth) Matusow, Huck Seed, Annette_15 and many more.

Oh, and the hand that almost killed my hopes for the $216-seat: JJ on a 66xxJ board. Lost with my rivered Full House against flopped Quads. Well played pocket 6's by my opponent that paid him off big (unfortunately)!


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