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Monday, May 21, 2007

Missed the biggest ever online tournament just by seconds

Over 10,000 players with a $2.4 Million prizepool and I missed this weeks "Sunday Million" just by seconds. Came back from my trip to Poland and decided to give it a shot. I just saw the tournament dissapear from the list in the moment I wanted to register. Damn, I would have loved to play it. Due to the extended payout structure (and the added money) everybody left was in the money after just three hours.

I tried two satellites for the FTOPS main-event but busted early in both. It looks like I continue were I stopped before the weekend. I miss draws with huge outs but my opponents hit their 1-3 outers.

Played two more 90-player DeepStacks with the same bad results.

I was surprised to see that my blog got about 10 times the readers this weekend then usual. I'm not exactly sure what happend ... but it seems that I was top listed in some google searches (but also other search engines) related "Sunday Million". So I don't expect that the numbers will stay that high in the future. But maybe I found some new readers. In that case: "Welcome to Shadow's Poker Blog. Have fun and enjoy my stories!"


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