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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Coming back to Ireland

The IPO in Fall 2007 made me travel to Ireland for the first time in my life and I really fell in love with that country. Unfortunately I didn't have much time that weekend (beside playing Poker) and decided that I have to come back soon.

Well, I will be back - for the Deepstack Championships in Drogheda this weekend. My trip starts in three hours and I will have two days in Dublin before I travel up to Drogheda. The plan is to play two smaller tournaments in Dublin tonight and tomorrow.

The €500+50 Short-Handed Deepstack in Drogheda starts on Saturday at 6pm. For that event I will try something new. In the right column (below the map) you can find "Live Tournament Blogging via Twitter". I will try to keep you updated via Twitter by sending updates via SMS. The last 5 updates can be found here. Or you follow the link to my Twitter page and read all the updates there (just hit refresh). Hope you have fun with that new feature ... but don't expect much here before Saturday 6pm. I will use this feature only for my bigger events.

Of course I have my laptop with me so you may check for some more blog entries this weekend.


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