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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Another day that could have had a better ending

Woke up late and missed breakfast. Just awake and already the first bad beat of the day - nice start :-( Fortunately I found a Starbucks in Tallaght just 10 minutes away with the LUAS (there's not much around here at the hotel ... except lot's of traffic). So I enjoyed the nice morning as the weather totally changed. It's still cold but sunny with just a few clouds.

At 2pm the EDPC main-event started without me but 154 other people. Too bad they got about 50 cancellations due to the weather conditions till yesterday. On the other hand that might give an option that we have space for more then the expected 120 seats for tomorrows event (which I will definately play). Some very decent players at the main-event, including Padraig Parkinson, Noel Furlong and Surinder Sunar. Was a bit surprised that Padraig Parkinson was away from the table for almost the whole first level talking to friends. I know that the 25/50 level isn't a big one with 50k starting chips ... but just coming from a workshop that thaught me how well this time can be used for observing the people at your table this puzzles me a little. But maybe he knew most of his opponents already from the local scene.

For me it was the consolation round at the Sporting Emporium (€40 with one Rebuy or Add-On). I was a little dissapointed that they only got 31 people. Last time I played here (Feb 2008) we got over 50 players. Was the short stack most of the time (needed the rebuy) but managed to get at the final table with a decent middle-sized stack. Was able to pressure the rest of the final table and even add some more to my stack here. Finally I called an all-in from a short stack. She had 14k left (had gotten a brutal bad beat some time before) and I had 36k. It was AK vs. AQ but the young lady found another Queen on the board. Now I was the short stack. Managed to maintain my stack for several rounds but finally at the 1,500/3,000 level my remaining 13k went in with 22 shortly before the blinds reached me again. Was called by the chipleader with T2. Looked good until a Ten hit the board on the flop. I was out on 7th place with four getting paid between €260 and €880.

Well, I don't mind the hand I lost against AQ. She was a decent player, took her chance and got lucky (after she got very unlucky before - against the guy who took me out). But the last hand was cruel. This guy wanted to leave for some time because his brother didn't wanted to wait any longer for him. But he got lucky almost all of the time. While I then waited for my taxi he left the casino. Unbelievable! He obviously donked off his massive chiplead (over 50k) in just a few hands after my exit and ended up out of the money.

At least I know I played a very good tournament. Can't buy anything from that but feels a little better knowing that I haven't made anything wrong here.

Oh, and here's a little none poker-story about how friendly people are in Ireland: While traveling with the LUAS I got into a ticket check 2 out of 3 times. The second time there was a family that obviously made a mistake and was missing some 80 cent ticket for the youngest child. They didn't get fined ... they got told to pick up a ticket at the next stop. And even so the next tram was just 7.5 minutes behind the control-guy told the driver to wait for them so they could continue their trip in that tram. I have to see this kind of customer service in Germany yet!


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