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Friday, February 06, 2009

Good luck and bad beats in Ireland

My trip to Dublin started with a portion of good luck - also I didn't know about this until the evening. When I talked to Michael Lacey (the organiser of the event) he told me that they had shut down the Dublin airport due to weather conditions for several hours shortly after noon. Our flight had been landed at 12:35pm and the main runway had been closed at 12:50pm.

Several players arrived late or even didn't made it at all today. But the satellite still got a good field of 113 runners. After the dust had settled and people had done their one rebuy and/or one rebuy add-on it turned out that this tournament would award 16 seats for the main-event. Not bad!

I had a bad start overplaying Jacks. Tried to pretend that I had hit with Ace-high ... bad idea when your opponent holds AK. Was almost on the need of my rebuy but hit two times and managed to keep my stack at around 1,500 for a long time. Finally I needed my rebuy. During the next to last hand of the rebuy time I was dealt QTs. There was a raise and an all-in from the guy on my right. With only 2,500 chips left behind I was willing to gamble here. Either double up and taking the add-on or busting out and not taking the add-on. But the original raiser went all-in too and I even had the opportunity to triple-up. And my position wasn't that bad as I had live cards vs. AK and AK. Flop comes Qxx :-) Turn K :-( River Q :-)))

The guy on my right almost exploded and couldn't understand how the hell I refused to respect his all-in. Seems he didn't get the point of my move. Including the add-on I was back to a decent M=20 stack. Unfortunately I lost an important hand against exactly that guy with almost exactly exchanged positions. Everybody folded to him in the SB. He asked if I call in case he goes all-in. Of course he got no answer. He went all-in and I called with AKs from the BB. He showed T3s and hit his 3 on the turn. Too bad ... but that's Poker.

From there I didn't get much playable and my stack went into danger-zone. Can't recall how many times I went all-in. At least 10, maybe more. Never got action (and most times I was happy about this) but therefore never really came forward. In that time I had to change tables twice.

Finally with 52 of 113 left I again put my stack of 4,600 on the line. Blinds already had reached 500/1,000 (100). Unfortunately this time I got action and my QTs was dominated by KTs. No help and out! Isn't that funny? QT saves me and then breaks me in that tournament.

So no main-event for me tomorrow but most probably a smaller event at the Sporting Emporium.


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