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Friday, February 13, 2009

No FTOPS cash this time

Arrived in Vienna and played the 6-handed FTOPS event #20. Had to sit in the lobby of my hotel as the WLAN reception in my room was very bad. Why the hell did I even bother to ask them before if there's good reception in the room? :-(

Ran o.k. in the beginning but during the second hour I shifted a little downwards. And finally got all my chips involved in a hand. That final hand was somewhat tricky as I had hit a pair of Jacks on a J-Q-K-x-x board with AJ. I had it played like a straight all the way and finally was all-in on the river. I was sure that he didn't made the straight and didn't hit the King either. Most probably the Queen with a good kicker. So trying to buy the big pot was a decent option.

My opponent thought for a long time but finally decided that it was o.k. to call for half his stack with middle pair and ace kicker. Well, it was obviously ... but still amazing how much risk people take by calling those dangerous boards. At least he didn't insta-call.

So I went out in 1,422nd position of 2,360 after about 100 minutes. Still like the way I played here in general so not much to moan about ... except bad opponents ;-))

At least I now get enough sleep before the Deepstack at the Montesino which will kick off in 18 hours.

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