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Sunday, February 08, 2009

EDPC Side-Event, Day 2

Day 2 is less then 2 hours away. Not revealing much secrets I I say that I will most probably act very soon. If I'm out early today I will play tonights side event (6pm GMT/7pm CET). If it is a longer fight I might skip that one. There's nothing worse then entering a big tournament after you got busted from another big one just shortly before.

The good news for today is the seat-selection. I am in seat 9 ... in general I hate this seat but if they keep with their usual procedure then I start today on the button! :-) The bad news is that the SB and the BB have 41k and 73k respectively. At least that gives me the maximum options to act. Having no fold equity left there isn't much of a difference if I move in with 11.4k or 10k.

Here are the chips counts and seat selections for today:

1 Cat O'Neil 42000
2 John Farley 38700
3 Vincent Burke 121500
4 Tom Cunningham 69400
5 Colin Stuttard 66800
6 Richie Lawley 46500
7 Jude Duffy 106400
8 Jordan Van Gestel 18900
9 John Clancy 12400

1 Lenoir Pierre 41800
2 Thang Nguyen 73600
3 Nicky Power 69600
4 Rob Taylor 34000
5 Karen Muir 14400
6 Ciaran Burke 37300
7 Cormack McGinty 20500
8 Eamonn O Reilly 12200
9 Harald Gaerttner 11400


gistroy,  6:19 PM  

Eben gelesen, du hast wieder fast avg. gogogogogogogoggo

gistroy,  7:50 PM  


Shadow 11:25 PM  

Ja, leider. Die Chance war da. Bericht dazu steht oben drüber.

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