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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Only 15th place ... very dissapointing

What a start of Day 2: First hand 88, a raise in front, I go all-in and get a call from KQ. Up to 25k. Next hand TT, picking up the blinds and antes with another all-in and up to 30k. Next hand TT again, shortstack goes all-in to my right with 10k. I go all-in, everybody folds. He shows AA. Flop comes T-7-7, Turn is blank, River an Ace :-(
Back down to 20k.

Make it up to 30k later on and finally get 77 in early position. Make a raise get a caller. Flop comes 7-2-x. I check, he bets and I go all-in. He thinks for some time and then decide that he wants to gamble. He shows J2. A Jack on the turn but no further help. Up to 70k (that't the stack on the photo btw.). Blinds already at 1,500/3,000 (300).

Now I make two crucial mistakes. Again I'm involved in a hand with Mr. Gambler. I raise with AKo and he goes all-in for about 45k. I decide to open fold and I'm now obviously tagged as very tight. Allows for some nice steals but Mr. Gambler still doesn't care. I raise with JJ, he calls. Flop comes 7-7-A. I bet and he goes all-in. I decide to fold (not showing this time) and he shows 55 and I am back down to 55kl

Looking back I would says in both cases a call of his all-in would have been o.k. Both had been borderline but would have been o.k. against this player. Unfortunately I choose the wrong spot: Again I rased with AJ from the button and he called. I'm sure he would have re-raised me with a reasonable hand. So the flop of 4-6-K doesn't look too bad. He checks, I bet and he goes all-in. I am sure he doesn't have the King and tries to get me from the hand. I hadn't too much left but still fold equity. I decided to take a stand. Unfortunately he had called my raise with 46o. Unbelievable. Turn was a Jack and every Ace, Jack or King would have made me the higher two pair. Still 16% ... but no help this time. I was out on a very dissapointing 15th place.

Decided to play todays side-event but better would have backed-off. Got the worst possible table with the worst possible players (with one exception). They raised and re-raised with every garbagge. If I only would have hit my hand strong at least one or two times I definately would have been the dominating chipleader there. Finally with the blinds 150/300 (25) and 5,500 left I got dealt Q9d in MP. I just called (a raise would have called or re-raised anyway). A raise from the SB, fold to me and I call as I am sure he doesn't have a big hand. Flop comes A-x-x with two diamonds. He bets, I raise all-in and of course he calls with A4. No diamond on turn or river and I'm out in 57th of 84.

Looking back I have to ask myself if I should have played the first event slower after I got back to an average stack. My answer to this is no. I didn't get my big stack by playing slow. I lost a good bunch of my stack because I slowed down. At the end I just choose the wrong spot for taking a stand. This can be improved ;-)

At least I beat out 69 others in that event and had to be lucky only one single time in the whole tournament (when my T8 hit against JJ yesterday). I made my way up to average from being the second shortest stack on my very own. So still dissapointed about my finish but happy with the way I played on the most part.

Will be flying back home tomorrow. Have to work Tuesday till Friday. On Friday evening I am flying to Vienna. Playing the FTOPS Shorthanded in the evening in my hotel room and then the Montesino Deepstack on Saturday (and hopefully Sunday). But no Poker from Monday till Thursday. I think I need to recover a little from this weekend.


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