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Monday, February 16, 2009

An answer, a bad beat, a sick limit game and flying with Niki Lauda

Little did I know how interesting and long that day would be after I woke up at 11am in the morning. Started very relaxed and finally decided to take the convinient route and play the €30+5 bounty at the Montesino.

The tournament started o.k. and I won some small pots. We had started with 4,000 chips and the levels lasted 20 minutes. During the 50/100 level the following hand happened: I got dealt 99, raised and got a customer. Flop was Jh-9s-2s. Didn't wanted to chase my customer away so I checked. He bet 500 and I check-raised to 1.5k. He thought for some time and finally went all-in. I called immediately and he showed Js8s ... telling me he had to do it because there are so many outs. Yep, and of course he hit the flush on the river. I had a few chips left which went in on A8 and I was out after less than an hour.

So I got the answer if I played it correctly yesterday in a similar situation. And I know I played it correct today too. No reason to run into a better set or a lucky hand yesterday with such a deepstack. No reason to back-off here today. Double or out with that kind of structure.

I took my €20 voucher for the limit cash-game (which was given to the first 20 out of the tournament) and played some 2/4 limit. Ah, its's been at least two or three years that I hadn't played limit poker. Took me some time to get warm with the game but then it took of ... arrgh down! In just one hour two straights got rivered by flushes. Another straight got rivered by a full house and two pair got rivered by a straight. While I lost big pots in big hands others won big pots with marginal hands (one pair, ace high). Seems I got bad beaten again.

Time for a break and something to eat. Went back to the game and jumped into the sickest and most hilarious limit game I ever played in my life. It was already a nice and loose round when two elder guys from Vienna entered the game. Imagine them as a friendly version of Waldorf & Stettler from the Muppet show. But it became even better. After some time Nushin (one of the Montesino poker dealers) entered the game. She owned the table from the first second. Not neccesarily because she won so much. In fact she got very unlucky some times. But her charm together with the "Waldorf & Stettler show" made it one of the most entertaining poker games I ever played in. If you want to play with Nushin - she's one of the bounty-girls at the Montesino bounty-tournament on Feb. 25th. But beware ... her war name at the tournament is "Man Eater" ;-))

But it was still a poker game ... a very loose poker game. There was almost no folding before the flop and quite a good number of hands that got capped pre-flop. Almost no pot was below €60 at the showdown. And believe me there was a showdown! The whole game lasted more than 6 hours and I went straight back into my hotel packing and leaving to the airport ... together with a nice €178 win :-))

So I entered the flyniki plane at 6am in the morning and big surprise: There was former Formula 1 world champion Niki Lauda standing together with the stewardesses. I already knew that he likes to fly the planes from his own airline from time to time. But it was kind of funny to be now able to say that "Niki Lauda himself flew me back to Munich". A nice ending for a very unusual and interesting Sunday.


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