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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Almost time to come home

Three great weeks are almost over now. For those who are interested here's a little update what happend the last 10 days (only little poker content).

Back in Los Angeles my girlfriend had an appointment so I checked out Pechanga between South Los Angeles and San Diego (right of I-15)

Pechanga Casino

Pechanga is a nice Vegas style casino with a huge pokerroom (about 50 tables). Unfortunately I was to late for the tournament and just played some 3/6 limit. The softest game I played so far that made me an easy 3 BB/h.

The next day I played the tournament at the Bike in Bell Gardens again ( I cashed there on my last visit). And again it went o.k. in the beginning surviving many of the 90 players. But shortly before we reached the money (last 18 got paid) I was severly short stacked and the blinds and antes started to bite. But a pair of JJ that held against AK and KQ almost tripled me up (and busted two at once).
I reached the final table of nine with a stack of 15,000 with blinds at 2000/4000 and 300 ante ... again time for a big move. The opportunity came with QQ and a caller with A6. Unfortunately my Q's didn't held this time as an Ace showed up on the flop and no more help. I was severly crippled, survived another all in by making a straight on the river but was all-in (and all-out) on my blind in the next round. But cashing again and making a final table and 9th place was a nice ending of the poker week.

For the next days we went to Miami, the Everglades and the Keys. Unfortunately it was raining in Florida during the first days.

Rain in Miami

But it got better (and we got a nice sunburn) the next days

Harbour of Miami

Road through the Everglades

Alligator in the Everglades

Sloppy Joe's Bar on Key West

Sunset on Key West

And after being on the southernmost point in the continental U.S. (which also is the southernmost point I have ever been)...

90 miles to Cuba and 150 miles to Miami

...we went back to Ft. Myers and have to fly back home in 19 hours and 40 minutes :-((


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Interesting read.

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