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Monday, July 10, 2006

Bad beats and nice shots

Let's start with the good one. I made some nice (photo)shots of the pros during the $10,000 Omaha tournament. The two I like most are these from Daniel Negreanu:

Daniel kidding with the girls (at the Ladies tournament) during a break from his own tournament. On the way back he had to give autographs and I got this funny shot:

Daniel is a really nice guy who seems to be joking around all the time at the tables as well as off the tables. But I was absolutely impressed from Chris Ferguson. He was just busted from the tournament and he still was available for photos and giving autographs. It's amazing that the railbirds can't imagine how somebody must feel if he just busted out of a $10,000 buy-in tournament! But Chris was calm and friendly all the time. Great player and great personality.

Shortly after that shots my 2nd chance tournament started with 157 players. My satellite before didn't went good as I was busted early with JJ's vs. KK's.
The 2nd chance was much better and I was able to maintain an average stack most of the time. With 52 players left (2:15 h into the tournament and 100/200 Blinds + 25 ante) I got AT diamonds in middle position. Raised to 500 and got two callers. Flop came T84 (with two hearts). BB checked, I bet 1,000 and the second player folded. BB went all-in and had me covered. I was sure he had hit the 10 but with a worse kicker so I called. He was disappointed about my call as he hoped to buy the pot with his T3 of hearts flush draw. Turn was blank and the river was the 4 of hearts ... good night folks :-(


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