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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Shadow in the media

...well kind of ;-))

Have a look at that clip from cardplayer.com:


Congratulations to Claire Miller for winning the bracelet in the seniors event. But if you look in the background there's Shadow playing the second chance tournament (the guy with the black Full Tilt hat). We were down to three tables at that time - so it was close before I busted out.

I was thinking about playing the 2nd chance or the Venetian tournament but decided for the 2nd chance just to play a last time in the Amazon room. This video-clip is a nice memory for a great week and a perfect ending of this years WSOP story.

Oh, and a remark regarding Phil Helmuth and chinese poker:
As I left them last night they already played a few hours. After we came back at noon (9 hours later!) for a last stroll thru the Amazon room Phil and the Asians still played the game - only Johnny Chan and Phil's partner had been away ... he now sorted his cards together with Annie Duke. Those poker players are crazy...


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