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Thursday, July 13, 2006

The HORSE Tournament

Today was the beginning of the $50,000 HORSE Tournament. They had about 150 participants and almost all of them are poker celebrities. On every table you find them fighting for a 1,700,000 first prize (16 places paid).

Just take a look at this picture:

You find Chris Ferguson, Barry Greenstein, Andy Bloch at one table and right behind them Mike Matusow, Mike Sexton and the Poker Brat himself Phil Helmuth (who obviously had to much party the night before as he started to fell asleep between hands).
In the back you can see Jennifer Harmann getting a massage.

Have you seen the book under Barry Greenstein's chair? Yes, it's his own book "Ace on The River". On every tournament he hands a copy with a personal autograph to the person that busts him. Nice move ... would be interesting to see who gets it this time ;-))

After watching the HORSE for some time I played two satellites myself. The first one ended with a horrible beat. I was holding AQ and raised them to three times the big blind. I got about two callers. Flop was Q37 and I bet half of the pot. One caller. Turn was a 9 and I bet half the pot. I got called and the river was a 10. I was pot comitted so I went all-in knowing what would happen now: He showed me KJ for a runner-runner straight. I think Poker Brat would have gone ballistic on that one...

Next satellite was much better. With 4 people left the blinds got tough. Small stack went all-in, I went all-in with a medicore stack (which of course was small compared to the blinds) and the chipleader called. He had A2, small-stack had KT and I had KJ. The board came A2x (ugh!), Q and the 6. What? I even didn't needed runner-runner after the flop. Just a simple T! ... there's no justice in the world ;-))

And just to remember what the WSOP is all about - these are all the bracelets of the FullTilters (except this years bracelet from Allan Cunnigham - his fourth).

The bracelets in the Full Tilt lounge


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