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Thursday, July 27, 2006

WSOP Main Event starts in 19 hours...

...and I'm back home in Munich :-((

Didn't imagine that it will be that hard not to be there before I was there for the first time. It's a great experience and now I can really understand what's the magic of the WSOP. As of today it was reported that the event has already over 7,400 sign-ups and will be the biggest live poker tournament ever.

But I'm already making plans ;-)) The WSOP Circuit 2006/2007 schedule is published and they start in Lake Tahoe in September. The buy-in for the main events of the circuit has been decreased (from 10K to 5K) and I hope they offer smaller than $1,000 pre-events as well (maybe $500). Don't know which events will be possible during the circuit but I will try to play there. Most probably it will be Tunica again in January but I'm not sure yet.

I haven't tried to qualify for this years main event because of my fathers 70th birthday but I will try for next year for sure.

Another important change will be about my live and online play. One thing is that I will try to play less online and more live tournaments. I had indeed a run of bad cards in the beginning of my WSOP days but in addition I think the higher number of online play before the trip hurt my live game and it took me some time to adjust.
The other thing is that my online play will be more planned. I will pick some MTT's and SnG's as a permanent schedule and will stick with that plan.

Good luck (and good cards) to all of you that are at the WSOP - especially: Jan & Katja, Michael Keiner, CaptainGermany and Fuel55.


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