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Thursday, July 13, 2006

I'm jinxed

The good news: I get playable cards and I even hit something sometimes. This satellite started great. I picked up some pots early and let some pay for overrating bottom pair. And my QQ send one to the rail and cost another a huge amount. In the middle of the tournament I had some tough decisions. The hardest one was to lay down AQ against an all-in that would have cost me 80% of my stack if I lost the race. At the end we were three players left. I was middle stack but we had a big chipleader. So it was clear I had to make a move as soon as I got a monster or any possibility of a deal would be dead if the small stack busted out. That opportunity came one hand later. I was in the big blind and found KK. UTG folded and the big stack raised 2xBB. I went all-in and he called immediately. He wasn't happy to see my Kings as he showed QQ. But this time the ladies hated me - a queen hit on the flop. No more help and it was over.

I wouldn't call this a typical bad beat. We both played it perfectly. There's no way I could get away from my kings and no way he could let his queens go in that situation. The call would have cost him only 30% of his stack if he lost. And even if we would have seen the flop before ... with a queen on the board and no ace my money would have went in here in any case. But it still hurts being an 80% favorite and losing in a situation that would have resulted in being a true contender to the "no-so-much-ahead-after-the-hand" chipleader.

And for all of you that have to read everything about my misery - here are some more photos from the HORSE ... another tough table with Juanda, Ivey, Lyle Bermann (the WPT guy), Raymer and Cindy Violette (the blond in pink at the edge of the second photo)


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