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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Vegas tomorrow

Sorry - absolutely no poker content in this post! ;-))

We spent the last two days in Los Angeles for some vacation and had a great time.

Some nice swing dancing in Burbank with Swingerhead (a great band I wanted to see live for years) and Lindy Groove in Pasadena. Today we just strolled around at Venice Beach and in Hollywood. I wasn't at the Chinese Man's Theater for years and the area changed completely. They built a new shopping place with lots of restaurants. Great improvement for this part of Hollywood Boulevard.
More dancing tonight at the Memories (with the Wiseguys).

Got nice sunglasses at Venice Beach. As I need prescription glasses I found some clip-on sunglasses that perfectly fit on my regular glasses. Don't know if I need them for playing poker but at least I have sunglasses now ... and you really need them here. The weather is absolutely great and it's around 32 degrees celsius.

And tomorrow morning we are heading to Las Vegas. We were lucky again with our rental car: booked the smallest category and got a Chrysler mini-van. Great car for the 5 hour road trip. :-)


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