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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's getting better...

...but better is still not good enough.

Had a good 2nd chance tournament last night. Was able to double up quite early and got some nice cards to play with. Unfortunately it was a roller coaster later and I ran from big stack to average down to short, up to average again and then I stayed short for a long time and again wasn't able to catch much playable. Finally I was out on 25th of 174 (18 got paid) with 66 (called by 99 that improved to a set on the flop and a full house on the turn).

While my play started Katja Thater from 50outs was still in the $2,000 Pot-Limit game and they were short to get into the money. Katja was short on money too. Too bad I couldn't really see much from down the hall so I ran up and down for some time between hands. Finally they made the money and Katja was still in. I later heard that she went out on 53rd (54 got paid).

Two more days to came and I still hope for cashing something, too

And here's a shot from the Worldchampion Joseph Hachem (still in the Pot-Limit Event)


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