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Thursday, January 17, 2008

AA cracked by 99

Todays tournament in Seefeld lasted only 3 levels. My only playable hand so far was TT (which I had to fold to an Ace on the Flop). Beside that I was absolutely card dead for almost three levels (30 minutes each). Not a big problem in the beginning with an 8,000 starting stack. But with 6,300 chips left (blinds 100/200) and the 150/300 level just around the corner something had to happen sooner or later.

And something happend: I got dealt AA in the big blind. Four limpers forced me to make an isolation move and I raised it to 1,000. It was folded around to the button. The button went all-in immediately with about 7,000 chips. There was no other option for me than to call this one. Flop came 789 all spades.

What a board! The 99 player had hit his set, I was drawing to the nut-flush as I was holding the Ace of Spades. And one of the other callers who folded to my 1K bet cried-out loud because he would have flopped a straight flush.

No further help for me. No spade, no Ace and I was out at 72nd position (from 78 players) after close to 90 minutes. To add insult to injury this guy made it to the final table and made a 3rd place for more than € 9,000. From all the bad-beats that happend to me this was one of the toughest.


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