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50k guaranteed, Kings Casino Rozvadov, Czech Republic

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My final day in Vienna

My last day in Vienna brought me back to the Poker Royale and the €30+5 Double Chance tournament.

My first chance was over when my all-in with pocket Aces got called. My opponent had JJ but found four hearts to a flush on the board. Some time before my Aces got me only the blinds. My second chance stack developed better and I brought it up to 17,000. One more time with Aces (paid off great this time) and pocket Kings. The Kings paid off very well against the chipleader - who donated all of his stack quite fast to the whole table.

Unfortunately I was card dead during the critical 500/1,000 and 750/1,500 levels. I picked up some blinds and antes with well placed raises but finally an all-in with A8s (13,000 chips) got called by two players. First player showed 55 (what the hell was he doing in that pot?) and second one AKo (well, I can understand that call). Imagine, the player with 55 won everything. No surprise, it was the same guy that busted my Aces with his Jacks. Out on 19th of 65 after 3.5 hours.

I wasn't in the mood for cashgame at that time and took the last available seat in a 10-person sit&go. If there wasn't the obscene rake in that €11+4 tournament it would be a very juicy game. Lot's of people that don't know about the right way to play sit&go's. First place after 80 minutes for a €55 payout.

After a late night dinner break I went on to end my trip with another €1/1 NL cashgame. First Hand QQ, I raise to 5 get callers, bet the flop and the turn, still one caller. River is an Ace and I have to fold. Winner flashed an Ace. Down to €25 from my €50 buy-in. No cards for a while and then I get on a good run to increase my inital buy-in to €190. The guy that busted my Queens gave me all back (and a little more). Another great payout was A2 of diamonds. Many limpers as usually. Flop is all diamonds. I'm first to act and check. Check, check, bet €3. Oh, thanks :-) Turn is whatever ... I check. Check, bet €3. Thank you again :-) River is whatever. I bet €10 and expect two folds, but get two more calls. Well thanks folks, maximum payout with that kind of a hand!

Overall my trip was a slight winner. I lost in the tournaments (even with the 4th place payout) due to my disapointing results in the Deep-Stack. But I made a good win at an hourly rate of almost €29 in the cashgames.

Next Station: The Winter Challenge in Seefeld on Sunday.


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