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Monday, January 07, 2008

Long Cashgame Session

I was biased if I should play the Freezeout at the Royale or the CCC when Manfred (another one from the people I met in Ireland) told me that he will be in the CCC tonight. So I went to the CCC for the $20+4 tournmant. The tournament was quite uneventful and I busted close to the end of the third level and never got anything playable. Even so the Royale has a strange level change from 50/100 to 100/250 and 250/500 (due to their chip denominations) their smaller buy-in tournaments are far superior to the CCC. So I will prefer the Royale tournaments in the future, but I will be back for the DeepStack in the CCC and their tournament series - which are always great.

Sat down at a €1/2 NL cashgame and that was a crazy table. At least 3 players played a game of "I-can-play-any-two-cards-and-raise-to-whatever". So I waited for the right opportunity which came with two aces quite soon. MP raised to €12 and I reraised to €36. Two other limpers folded and MP called. Flop was K-x-x. MP checked and I went all-in for my remaining €60. MP called again and showed KQo. Turn was blank, River a Queen ... rebuy please.

My second stack developed better and I was back to €240 (+€40). I even took a huge pot from one of the crazy guys when I trapped him with a set of 2's. The crazy players went away after some time and the table got much more quiet. Unfortunately the table broke a litte later and I changed to another table while Manfred decided to call it a night. At this time we had played about 3 hours.

Little did I know that this session should last another 7 more hours. It went up and down for a while but finally down. Later the table became shorthanded but we decided to play on even with 4 people. I was down to €30 and had decided to leave as soon as I lose this too but then our table went alive again with a total of 8 players. So I changed my mind and bought in for another €70. Best decision of the night. From there it went up to a total of €400 and to my highpoint of the night (+ €130).

The most remarkable hand was this one: As Usually there was a lot of limping pre-flop when I found JJ and made it €12 to go. Found three callers. Flop came Q-6-2 with two diamonds. That's not the flop you like to see with two Jacks. With a pot of €54 I raised to €54 to get out flushdraws and a weak Queen. Checking wasn't an option here as I knew there was at least one player from switzerland (who was a fairly good player) who would bet the flop if I checked.

One of the three others folded immediately out-of-turn and the swiss guy took a long time to decide if he should call or not. He even started to think "loudly" as he oversaw that there was another player behind him to act. "You did buy the pot with that bet, right? Mmmh, I have hit my top pair already. Do you have a set"? You can imagine how I felt when he told me that he was way in front at this time. Then he asked me if I would show him my cards if he folded. Usually I wouldn't ... especially when I know that I have to show a huge bluff. But I knew that allowing him to see the cards would take a lot pressure from his decision (and therefore add some fold equity). So I said yes and he finally folded putting his cards to the side. The last player folded too and the swiss guy showed me AQ of diamonds. Wow! He folded TPTK with the nut-flushdraw because he put me on a set. It turned out that the right table image and the perfect bet size took down an important pot here. I am sure even €10 less would have forced him to call my bet.

A €130 net-win isn't a great hourly rate for 10 hours of play. But as I still work on my cash game skills I am quite satisfied with the results. In general I played an o.k. game but still do plays that I better avoid in the future. This evening also showed me again why I never ever can become a good online cash game player. There is so much "information" around at a live table that is vitaly important for my style of play that isn't available online.

Back in the hotel I looked up the NFL results and was quite dissapointed. That the Bucs lost was very sad as I would have loved to see them in the next round. But losing my +10 Tennesse bet by just one simple point was awful. So I went 2-2, down to $181.67 from $200 for a small loss on the weekend.


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