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Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Deepstack Desaster at the CCC and a Final Table at the Royale

[2:50pm] Just arrived at the Concord and got my seat: table 6 seat 4. Tournament starts in a few minutes. Will try to post updates here on occasion. Total of 127 players.

[4:15pm] Unfortunately there is only one update: I am out! Lost some chips with several big draws that didn't hit. Down to 6,500 but still no reason to worry when I got AK. That AK looked good on a K26 board and even better with another K on the turn. Unfortunately my opponent had pocket 2's.

Went all-in a little after with 44 and 1,300 chips left (Blinds 50/100) - ran into pocket Jacks and out on 120th position.

I analysed the key hand later and decided that it indeed was quite difficult to fold by the way it was played from my opponent and by the (horrible) plays I saw in the first hour. To make it worse I folded several of my missed draws to raises before. So there was quite a chance that my opponent was trying to push me of the hand. But ... these are the hands you have to "read" correctly or you can ran into desaster quite fast.

As it was still early enough for the evening tournament at the Poker Royale I drove back to Wiener Neustadt and played the €20+5, one rebuy and one add-on tournament. I only needed the add-on and made it into the post-rebuy levels with a little above average stack. I was lucky to get a table that wasn't broken until the final table. The whole tournament was a roller-coaster-ride. With 18 of 77 players left I was one of the chipleaders at our table with 41,000 chips just to fall down to 20,000 with one play. Further down to 16,000 and up again to 43,000. From there I was able to put a lot of pressure on the others and made it to 60,000 when we reached the final table. The final ten but only 8 got paid (€98 for 8th place). But we decided to give 10th place €40 and 9th place €60. This is always a good decision as it usually increases the play at the final table. I was able to win two important hands during that final table and was up to 70,000 (from a 28,000 low). The blinds had reached an obscene 6,000/12,000 with a 1,000 ante.

With 45,000 left I got AJ of clubs at the Button and went all-in. Big Blind called with KTo but found a King on the board. Although I found two clubs on the board neither of my 12 outs materialized on the turn or the river and I was out on 4th place for €326. To bad I lost that hand because just two rounds later the third place busted and the final two made a deal.

But nevertheless, this is not only a great result moneywise. It was such an important result regarding my confidence which was so brutally damaged just a few hours before.


yanakwu 4:20 PM  

Wishing you all the best of luck ...

Anonymous,  10:12 AM  

Hi Shadow!
Deswegen hat dich der Manfred nicht mehr im CCC gesehen - er hat für Intellipoker die Coverage gemacht, ist aber erst gegen 5 gekommen.

Gratuliere zum FT!

Meld dich, wenn du wieder mal in AUT unterwegs bist!

lg Benni Schneiber

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