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Friday, January 04, 2008

Warm-Up in Vienna

As a warm-up for Saturday I played the €30+5 freezeout at the Poker Royale. I met Benny here, one of the austrian guys from the Ireland trip. And can you imagine? ... With a total of 159 players the random draw seated both of us on the same table (left and right of the dealer). Although I don't like seat 1 too much it was nice to chat a little with Benny between the hands.

The table had a rather strange style (very passive with some huge calling stations but turned into overagression on raises from time to time). I didn't get much cards in the beginning and those I had (some smaller pairs ans suited connectors) didn't connect (at least not good enough) with the board.

So in the third level (100/250) my initial stack of 8,000 was down to about 6,000 when this hand happend: I found TT in a medium to late position with three limpers in front. Usually I would raise only to 750 here but with the limpers I decided to make it 1,250. To my surprise the player behind me called my bet and the big blind raised all-in for about 5,000. All of the initial limpers folded and now it was one me. Let's see: If I call I have to put another 4,000 (most of my remaining stack) into a pot that is now around 9,000. I am holding a upper-medium pocket pair and a caller that showed he has a hand good enough to call an oversized raise has to act behind me. I figured that I was up against two live cards at best (making it a coinflip) or a bigger pair (leaving me with only two outs). Even worse, not knowing if the guy behind me folds or not I could face two opponents here. For me folding here was a no-brainer. Not for the guy behind me. He was very surprised about my fold and called - telling me that the pot is too big to fold here.

But can you imagine my surprise when I saw my opponents cards? The all-in player showed Q2o and the caller had 78o. Wow! An eight decided the hand. And instead of having around 15,000 (if I had called) I now had only 4,000 left. But still, folding was the right decision here!

A little later I went all-in from LP with AT of clubs. As usually I ran into somebody who woke up with a hand in the blinds and called with AKo. But this time I got the better end. A ten on the flop gave me the lead, on the river I even completed my flush and had now recovered to about 8,000. With blinds already at 250/500 I made some moves that didn't work out as supposed and was down to 6,000 again. Went all-in with A3d from the button in a pot with one limper but the SB (the guy who played the 78 hand before) woke up with AA. The initial limper called too (with KJo!). The aces held up and I was out at around 120th position of 159 after almost two hours.

Went to the cash games, bought in for €50 at the No-Limit €1/1 game and increased my stack to €164 in about two hours. So in general, I am satisfied with today and I'm looking forward to Saturday.


Anonymous,  10:17 AM  


Gegen den selben Spieler bin ich ca. ein Level nach dir gebustet. Finde AKs in UTG und raise auf 1750 (blinds 250/500-50), unser lustiger Freund lacht und called. Flop AKx (alles diamonds), ich contibet 2500, er insta-allin, ich überleg und call (mein Reststack ca. 5000), er zeigt A9o, leider war der 9er ein diamond und der Turn auch...

Cashgame 7 Card Stud 2/4 meine 100 EUR verdoppelt, meinen Brüdern noch etwas zugeschaut und dann ab nach Hause...

Beste Grüße,

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