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Monday, January 14, 2008

A Sunday Million Ticket

I was in the mood for making use of my FPP points and decided for a 4-player "winner-takes-it-all" headsup game. The prize: a $215 Sunday-Million Ticket.

The first round was quite easy and took about 15 minutes. I never was in any danger here from the start. To give my opponent some credit I hit my hands very well (e.g. flopped two full houses in a row).

The second round was much tougher and I was down to 700 from my original 1,500 stack before I started to recover. One key hand was 46s on a 3-5-A flop. The 7 on the turn completed my straight and made it a difficult hand for my opponent (holding an Ace). From there I was up to 2,000 and never really looked back.

A $215 ticket for 3,375 FPP's is a nice value :-))


KenP,  3:26 PM  


Throw in a whole lot of envious! :)

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