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Monday, January 21, 2008

Boring tournament but a good lesson

My last tournament of the Winter Challenge in Seefeld was my most boring tournament ever. Quite early I missed an open-ended straigt-flush draw. Although I made my straigth and the flush it wasn't enough to beat the ace-high flush from my opponent.

From there all I got was crap. It's unbelievable how many combinations of crap you can get. But I was able to stick in for 7 levels (30 min. each!). In that time I played exactly 5 hands. I picked up the blinds 3 times and doubled up luckily two times. First with AQ vs. AK when a Queen hit the board and second with K8 (ultra-shortstacked) against AJ when an 8 hit the board.

Finally I got my best hand of the day: AQs, went all-in and got called by 44. No help and out on 21st of 64.

As said before it was my most boring tournament ever but it was a fascinating lesson to see how long you can stick in a tournament when you remain patient and choose your spots wisely.

Tonight I played the Sunday Million at PokerStars. Early in the game my raise to 300 (blinds 50/100) with JJ was faced with an 3,000 all-in from a shortstack. Tough decision but I assumed that I was ahead here and decided for a call with my stack of 9,000 chips. My opponent had AQ, got no help and I was up to 12,000 chips.

Somewhat later I missed my second straight-flush draw in two days in a row. Hitting a straight or a flush (like yestarday) would have won the pot. But I missed this one completely. Down to 9,000 but recoverd soon and was up to 15,000 at the 200/400 level.

Raised AK ... just to be faced with an all-in from a 9,000 stack. With 300/600 blinds around the corner and average stack at 17,000 I decided for a call. Up against pocket 10's. Flop shows a King, but turn is a 10 and the Ace on the river doesn't help. Got JJ a few hands later and went all-in for my remaining chips. Same guy calls with A6o and hits his Ace. Out on 4,313 of 7,520 ... far away from the money.


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