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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Two Deepstack tournaments in the next 4 weeks [PF= 34.89 / 77.49]

First I have to say thank you to the folks at pokerweblogs.com. They arwarded me the "Blog of the month title" for January. What a great start into the new poker year!

I finally decided to play at least the short-handed event at the "European Deepstack Championships" in Drogheda, Irleand in early February. The structure is just too great to miss it.

If you look at the Deep Stack I play at the CCC in Vienna on Saturday that one has a great structure. Similar to the EPT with 10,000 Chips, 45 min. levels and very slow steps. With a PF=34.89 this is a very good value for your money. Being held once a month this is one of the best (if not "the best") regular tournament available in Europe.

But there's always somebody how can top this. O.K. we're not talking about a regular event here but what GreenJokerPoker in Drogheda, Irland offers is incredible! Their short-handed event has the same blind structure as the CCC DeepStack but offers double the chips (20,000) and 15 min more per blindlevel (60 min.). Taking this into account they have a whooping PF=77.49. The main-event (which is a little too expensive for me) offers even more chips (50,000) and almost hits a PF of 200.

So my fixed plans so far are the Concord Deepstack on Saturday/Sunday and some smaller events in Vienna on Friday and Monday. On Jan 13th you can find me in Seefeld for the first freezeout of their series. Haven't decided about the freezeout events on the 16th and 19th yet. But my flight to Dublin as well as the hotel in Drogheda is booked (just short of €100 with Aer Lingus) for the short-handed event on Feb 2nd.

The coming four weeks are filled with good poker opportunities ... now it's on me to cash in some of them!


CIII 2:01 AM  

Congrats on being blog of the month. Not an easy task to accomplish considering all of the competition. Well done!

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