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Monday, January 14, 2008

Good tournament but still a dissapointment [PF=11.27]

The first event of the Poker Winter Challenge in Seefeld, Austria was a really good tournament for me. So many things went the right way (not the lucky way!) but at the end I shouldn't make it into the money (that's the dissapointing part).

Quite early I took a huge pot from Jan-Peter Jachtmann. This was a strange hand. I had JJ and had already raised preflop. Jan-Peter was the only caller. Being first to act I bet agressively into the 7-2-2 board and Jan-Peter just called. Turn was a 3. I bet and he calls again. River another 3 and I'm not willing to hand over the action to him so I bet again. He calls and now I'm sure that I'm behind. I show my Jacks and he mucks his hand. I know that Jan-Peter is a very good player so I would love to know what he was holding ... I can't come up with anything that makes sense here (especially with his call on the river).

Somewhat later I had my next key-hand with QQ. Again I raised pre-flop and got a caller. Another low flop and I bet little over three quarters of the pot just to be faced with an all-in. I was quite close to throw my ladies away but counted my remaining stack again. The pot was huge at this time and I came to the conclusion that the cards didn't matter anymore. The pot was just too big to fold here. Good choice ... as I was up against pocket Jacks. No help for him and I was chipleader at our table. In the next hand I was dealt pocket Jacks, called an all-in from a small stack and lost against his AT due to an Ace on the Flop. Still chipleader.

I was able to maintain my stack a long time but then (with 3 tables left) the dynamics changed. New players with simmilar or even bigger stacks came to our table and I wasn't able to keep up the pressure. Finally I was faced with a tough decision. My stack was at 21,300 with blinds 1,200/2,400 and Ante 300. Sitting on the button I found QQ but there was an early position raiser with an oversized raise of 10,000. I was sure he didn't have Aces. I put him on something like pocket 9's to K's or maybe AK. From all those hands only KK should scare me. So I finally decided that it was time for action with 17 of 110 left (10 getting into the money). I went all-in, he called (which was no surprise) to make it a monster-pot of 50,000 and I was up against my scarecards - the pocket Kings. No help and out on 17th after almost 6 hours. To bad ... this pot would have taken me to the final table for sure. Well, it now brought him to the final table and into second place at the end :-(

Next try on Wednesday...


Göpfi,  1:48 PM  

Zur ersten Hand:
Wahrscheinlich wird er auch ein PP gehalten haben, eben kleiner als du.
Also 88,99 oder TT.

Shadow 2:01 PM  

Ja, TT wäre auch meine Vermutung. Aber in der frühe Turnierphase so lange und so viel zu callen...

Ich weiß, es gibt genug Calling-Stations die das machen ... aber eine Calling-Station ist dieser Gegner sicher nicht!

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