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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

2nd Tournament - Caesars Mega-Stack Series

Closer ...but not close enough! The $340 event had 498 players and paid 45 places. I had a very good start and increased the initial 12,500 stack to 22,000 during the irst two levels. Unfortunately my good run stopped and I went down to 19K, 17K ... all the way down to 10,000 chips during the levels 7 and 8. With blinds of 600/1,200 and ante 200 I managed to keep my stack at around 10,000 - 12,000 chips. But with the blinds up to 1,000/2,000 after the dinnerbreak there was not much room to move. I finally went all-in with 78s from the button and got called. I was way behind against AA. Flop came 8-8-5 and I was up to 28,000.

From there I left the push-and-fold mode and increased my stack to 50,000. But the blinds killed more and more people including me as I went down to 35,000 and even as low as 30,000 in the 10th level (Blinds 1,500/3,000).

Then an interesting situation appeared: With only a single BB I was dealt J8s on the button. It was folded to me and I raised it up to 9,000. The BB thought for some time and finally called. Flop came T-J-4. No flusdraw. He checked, I bet all-in and he called. Unfortunately I was abolutely dominated against AJ and went out on 92nd place after almost 10 hours.

Went over to the Rio to have a look at the Amazon-Room and watched a little bit of the $1,500 NL finaltable with Chris Ferguson. On Wednesday I play only a small tournament as I want to be fresh and awake for my big day on Thursday.


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