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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Bubble Boy at Planet Hollywood

After getting busted from the Caesars Mega-Stacks with AK vs AQ (one pair vs. two pair) I went shopping and got myself a new iPod touch 32GB. No, that wasn't a buy out of frustration. I already had planned to buy one while here.

Later I played the 7pm tournament at the Planet Hollywood. Although it's still one of the better low-buyin tournaments it turns into a crapshot quite fast. But I managed to make it down to the final 9 of 67 (eight getting paid). Had about 26K at this time (little below average) but blinds at 2,000/4,000 (!). Had raised to 12K with pocket aces just a few rounds before and got no action. Showed the aces to make clear that I raise if I have a hand. Shortly after I got dealt JJ just about two rounds before the blinds increase to 3,000/6,000 and would reach me in the big blind. So I raise to 12K again and get an all-in from a guy who had about 40K or so. I had already decided before that I will only throw away my hand if I get called and an A or K will show up on the flop. An all-in was an insta-call for me here.

The guy showed KTo and I was in good shape until a King fell on the turn. Good hand sir! Out on the bubble.

Went home to explore my new iPod and to lose my frustration. It worked. Feel better now and the iPod touch is a real great device.

Up now for the Caesars again. This might as well be my last one of the Mega-Stacks. If I don't cash today I'm not sure I will play tomorrows Mega-Stack but will instead stick to the lower priced 7pm nightly at Caesars (which still have a very good structure).

On a funny side note: I got dealt pocket fives in the Planet Hollywood tournament about seven times or so ;-))


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