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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Poker and the Soccer Euro 2008

At the time I made my plans to go to Vienna (Wiener Neustadt exactly) for the Pokertour-Event at the Poker Royale I wasn't thinking about the Soccer Euro. And to be honest, I'm only a soccer fan during European- or Worldchampionships. So I didn't realize until Wednesday (the day Germany won their half-final vs. Turkey) that I will be in Vienna during the final on Sunday.

So now I have two options: make it to day two of the event (which most probably will mean that I am ITM) and see the final on the screens at the Poker Royale or if I don't survive day one go to the public viewing at the city hall in Vienna.

Either way ... Sunday will be fun :-))

Tried to win a ticket for todays event yesterday in a €20+5 MTT satellite. Had a good start in the first two levels but then I didn't get much to play. Had to fold my raised hands two times to an all-in that was just too big to call. That two hands alone did cost me 20% of my stack during a critical phase of the tournament. At the end I ran into KK and JJ trying to make a move with medicore hands (the best I got in that time, except for AA ... which just got me the blinds and antes). Out on 39th position of 123. Only 12 paid places (10 tickets and two with small money).

Today I just went through Vienna enjoying the good weather. There's already a good number of german and spanish soccer fans around and it#s a nice party atmoshphere everywere. That's what I like most. It doesn't matter which team you support ... everybody just seems to be there to have a good time.


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