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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Back at home

After it seemed that Vegas wanted to get rid of me it looked like Vegas had changed his mind the next morning. Our flight to Frankfurt was delayed for almost three hours. Good thing that McCarren airport has free W-LAN. Unfortunately reception is very bad in the international terminal and - even worse - there are almost no power outlets.

Finally the flight started and it got very bumpy for about an hour due to bad weather in the midwest. Weather like this is the reason I like to sit in the front quarter of an airplane!

Of course I missed my connecting flight in Frankfurt but was lucky to get a flight about two hours later. Boarding was on time but then we had to sit in the plane for another 90 minutes because of bad weather in Munich. So I finally arrived very tired and 4 hours late in Munich.

Now I'm somewhat recovered and have started my work for PocketFives.com. We still have a lot of things to do before we can go online.

I plan to play the $25+2.50 MSOP 6-max event at FullTilt on Monday evening and hopefully will make it to the Pokertour event on June 28th at the PokerRoyale in Wiener Neustadt (which has a DeepStack structure).

The trip to Vegas and the WSOP was quite expensive as I had almost no cash so I have to rebuild my bankroll somewhat. Therefore I have not many fixed plans about bigger tournaments so far but might go to the Poker-Club or CCC in Salzburg on occasion.

Although I had both of Harrington's cashgame books with me on my trip to Vegas I didn't found any time to continue reading. This is definately a task to complete in the near future as I want to make a new attempt for playing cashgames quite soon.


Renee 9:51 AM  

Hey, glad to hear you're heading back. Wondering how goes the poker play. Keep us updated!

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