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Sunday, June 08, 2008

One more try - one more fail

But this time it took 11.5 hours to bust the Shadow from the tournament. Another big field with 497 players at the Caesars Mega-Stack Series and I had a great start. During the first level I busted one player and crippled another. Therefore I was able to pump up my stack from the 12,5000 start to over 24,000. In the second level I continued my run to reach my peek at 49,000. With blinds of 50/100 I was in great condition to put pressure on the other players but finally got a severe bad beat when a calling-station who was chasing his flush with A2s hit his set of 2's on the river to kill my two pair AK hand. Went down to 30,000 (still double the average) right into a dry run of cards for hours.

As we reached the dinner break my stack was back to 30,000 from the worst low of 14,000. At this time the blinds had been already 800/1,600 with a 200 ante. I got dealt AK, raised, got called ... and as always in the last hours I didn't hit any piece of the flop. The caller made it 6,000 to go (half the pot) and I went all-in immediately for my remaining 26,000. I then went to the longest and worst 2 minutes of my entire life until the guy decided to fold his hand. Back to 45,000 were I already had been once 5 hours ago.

After the dinner break my dry run continued and I had only rare occasions for blind steals. Never had a hand I really hoped to get called on my all-in.

Finally my stack was down to 20,000 and the blinds up to 3,000/6,000 and a 500 ante. Found K8s (the best hand for hours) went all-in and got called by ATo. At least I had two live cards but got no help. Went out on 54th position just 9 places short of the money.

Feel mentally exhausted and will not play tomorrows noon event but the 7pm tournament. That will give me some time to recover and that tournament usually lasts "only" about 5-6 hours.

"Bad Beat of the Day": I'm really happy this didn't happen to me! AA vs. QQ ... all the money is in preflop. Flop brings an Ace, Turn is a Queen, River another Queen for quads.

"Good Beat of the Day": Well, at least from my perspective ;-)) On my lowest low of 14k all the money goes in with AQ. Of course the BB finds AK. Flop is K-Q-2 ... doesn't it get worse? No, it gets only better as the turn is another Queen to save the Shadow for another 3 hours.


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